Farming Since 1974

Imagine a farm with cows, buffaloes, chickens, goats and horses. A farm with organic vegetable gardens, rice fields, coconut groves and plantations. A working farm located within a city. This is what we are!

The bovines in our Dairy offer us the opportunity to produce a unique range of dairy products, making us one of the few Farmstead, Artisan Cheese-makers in the country. Furthermore, the manure from the sheds allows us to be a 100% organic farm.

One of the biggest joys of farm life is the ability to grow our own fruits and vegetables. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing a basketful of fresh picked produce come into our kitchen in the mornings.

We take immense pride in our organic methods of farming. We grow and produce what we can, keeping in mind the time of year, the weather patterns, the availability of water and the sustainability of our endeavours. By integrating farming and hospitality within our space, we enjoy an abundance of chemical free, fresh, completely natural, organically grown produce that features on our Restaurant menu as well as our Shop counter.

The Restaurant

Our Restaurant has been designed and built to allow our guests to experience and enjoy the natural ambience of the farm.


Built within an existing coconut grove, this high thatch roofed structure is made from materials mostly from the farm. The wood for the structure comes from our Eucalyptus plantations and the thatch is woven from our very own coconut trees. The netting around the sides allows for air circulation and the simple brick-work flooring encourages natural seepage of water back into the soil. Combined, we enjoy the luxury of a cool and comfortable space even during summer!


Our tables are made of hand-pitted granite slabs and our colourful chairs are made in-house with wood from around the farm. We also have outdoor seating in the midst of our garden for those who would like to enjoy some al-fresco dining. 

The Farm Shop

What started out in a little corner of our Restaurant, is now an independent store where we retail all our produce. Fresh veggies just in from the fields, fruits from our trees, a range of dairy produce, bakery goodies which come from our wood-fired ovens, our ever-expanding list of pickles, jams & preserves, condiments, oils... There are just so many things to buy!

Our farmstead dairy produce like cheese, butter and ghee is manufactured in small batches, by hand, at the source of the milk. Our artisan Bakery and production unit for Pickles & Jams offer small batches of hand-made goodies that are made in a traditional fashion.

We also work with a number of individual farmers across the country, sourcing fresh produce directly from them to convert into various products that we have for sale.

We constantly look to bring in new and interesting products into our Farm Shop. Apart from food, we also have a small selection of books (local publishers) and wellness products (soaps, balms, etc.).






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