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About our Food
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Our food is hearty, wholesome and eclectic – a reflection of our love for simple, fresh, local produce. We try to use as much produce from the farm in our dishes and in turn, we also try and identify new areas of agriculture to suit our menu requirements. For produce that we can not grow ourselves, we rely on our farmer friends who we source from directly. This gives us access to clean, fresh seasonal produce from known sources. Our travels also inspire us to make new connections, bringing in new ingredients that are in turn reflected on our menu. We are constantly experimenting and adding things to our menu, keeping it dynamic and in tune with the seasons.

Some years ago, we made a seemingly simple kitchen decision: We will not buy. We will make. Ketchup, pickles, mayonnaise, pizza sauce, bread, Indian sweets, nut butters, granola, cheese - whatever it was, we were going to learn to make it. We were going to grow or source good quality ingredients and make that product from scratch. This ensures chemical-free food which is not made in a factory, making it 'real food'.

Being located close to a coastline dotted with numerous fishing villages affords us the opportunity to source our seafood off smaller boats, ensuring a fresh and sustainable catch.


We employ materials like charcoal and wood for our cooking which provide a unique flavour to our slow-cooked dishes. Our four wood-fired Ovens hold pride of place in our Restaurant. We make wood-fired thin crust Pizza, grill meats, roast vegetables and bake breads, cakes & cookies in these ovens – all with wood from the farm, of course!

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