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The Dairy is the fulcrum of the entire farm. What was once a massive operation which involved hundreds of cattle and milking shifts that started at midnight is now a much smaller operation with about 70 head of cows and buffaloes and an array of calves at any given time. The cattle spend leisurely days grazing in the fields and wallowing in water bodies. One can set a clock by their schedule – at 14:30 they start to assemble at the back gate waiting to come back home to their sheds to be milked and fed. 

We make a range of Cheeses (Mozzarella di Bufala, Ricotta, Feta, Tomme de Semancheri, Buffalo Manchego, Madras Jack, etc.), Paneer, Butter, Ghee, Yogurt & a variety of Indian sweets from our Cow as well as Buffalo milk. There’s nothing like a bowl of farm-fresh, incredibly thick buffalo milk yogurt to set things right on a sunny Chennai day!

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