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Fields and Plantations
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There are 3 large coconut groves around the property that account for about 400 trees. One of these coconut groves is our restaurant area. The groves make for amazingly cool spots even in the peak of summer and a walk through the largest one (Kasai Thoppu) is always a pleasure.

Adjacent to Kasai Thoppu are our Rice fields. We grow one crop a year and this offers us the bounty of organic, unpolished rice that we serve in our Restaurant. We also retail this rice when available. 


It is impossible to walk around The Farm and not come across a Eucalyptus tree. These trees were planted years ago and have provided a vast amount of timber for use in the restaurant. The Eucalyptus plantations cover a large expanse of the property and walking through it, it is hard to believe that you are only a few hundred metres away from civilisation. 

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