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How come we take what we have so much for granted?! Living in Madras means having access to a gorgeous coastline and guess what comes with that blue sea?! The possibility to set sail! Imagine the sheer exhilaration that must come with being out in open waters, the wind & the water as your friends. Soooo exciting!! .

Motus Operandi Edition 7, hosted as always in our garden, will bring to us the possibility to be a part of the world of sailing. We have a bunch of sailors coming over - folks who sail every weekend, some who sail competitively & others who have sailed around the world! And whatdyouknow - they’re even lugging a boat over to show us! Tips & tricks, Q&As; it promises to be such an eye opener! .

Motus Operandi - 7 - instagram.jpg

If you've been to The Farm, you know there's a serious love affair with motorcycles happening! Guests always stop to stare at the gorgeous machines lined up. Kids want to climb on them, others want to hear them roar. We thought we might as well do something about it, right?! 

This edition featured a display of our eclectic motorcycle collection. A bunch of us were on hand to speak about their features, history, technical and design elements. And Fired 'em up!!! .

Motus Operandi - 1 - instagram.jpg
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