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Organic Vegetable
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The agricultural dimension of The Farm is spread over the entire property. Everything we grow on the farm is 100% organic. We grow all the Gourds (Bottle Gourd, Snake Gourd, Ridge Gourd & Bitter Gourd), Cluster Beans, Cow Peas, Ladies Finger, varieties of Brinjal & Tomatoes, Chillies, Drumstick, Radish & several varieties of Greens. We have coconut groves, eucalyptus plantations, rice fields (seasonal) and fruit trees which are spread out over the property.

Every morning, baskets full of fresh produce come in from the fields for us to use in our Restaurant, as well as for sale in our Farm Shop. Our Restaurant menu includes all of this farm produce, allowing us to practice a Farm-to-Table philosophy.

Our gardens just keep giving and often we find ourselves with more produce than we know what to do with. This has motivated us to experiment and learn various methods of preserving and processing. These products contribute to the local and seasonal nature of the food we serve.

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