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Our Deepavali Special Cheese Box!


Serves 3-4 people.



Chilli Crisp Feta

Provolone Cheese Spread (Original)

Flavoured Labneh

Multi-grain Crackers

Sourdough Crackers

Bajra Crackers

Cherry Tomatoes


Kanakambaram / Firecracker Flower

  • Chilli Crisp Feta

    Salty, crumbly & big on flavour, our Cow Milk Feta Cheese is a surprising fit in a Chilli Crisp. A classic Crisp brings fire, flavour & texture to the table. It contains chilli of course, combined with aromatics & toasted sesame seeds, all of which balance the creaminess of the Feta cubes. Add it to a salad, use as a dip with toasted bread and even as a condiment in a sandwich, this fiery Marinated Feta works every time.


    Provolone Cheese Spread (original & garlic confit)

    A 6 month aged cheese made from a mix of cow & buffalo milk. This cheese has an inherent buttery sweetness that comes from the milk itself.


    Flavoured Labneh

    A yogurt based cheese of Middle Eastern origin, Labneh carries tart and tangy flavours that pair well with various herbs & spices. The 3 flavours here are:

    • green chilli, coriander & garlic

    • red chilli flakes & oregano

    • black pepper

  • Something

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