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The Farm Today

Semancheri Village, circa 1974. The farm was started, primarily as a Dairy farm with cows, buffaloes & other livestock. There were several hundred heads of cattle, milking shifts that began at midnight, acres of grass fields to feed the bovines, rice crops & plantations – life was hectic and busy on the farm!


As the years went by, urbanisation arrived at our doorstep. Surrounding farms became office buildings, rice fields became apartments. The single lane road turned into a six lane expressway. 


On the farm, the unhurried pace of village life continued. 

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The Farm today bears witness to decades of loving care, making it an oasis in the midst of the IT corridor of Chennai city. Cows, Buffaloes, Chicken, Goats, Horses, and other animals enjoy this place they call home. With organic vegetable gardens, fields & plantations and an extensive list of flora, the farm attracts an abundance of birds and insects. 


In the midst of this working farm, we have a Restaurant and a Farm Shop. The integration of hospitality allows us to offer our guests a slice of simple, rustic living – an experience of Life on the Udder Side, as we like to call it! 

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