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Tomme de Semancheri

1/277 Bloomy Rind

Queso Coromandel

Provolone Cheese Spread (original & garlic confit)

Rustic Baguette

Multigrain & Sourdough Crackers

Bread Sticks

Caramel Toffee

Mushroom Pâté

Honey Mustard

Balsamic Onion Relish


Sun-dried Apples

Sprouted Almonds  

Cannonball Tree (Serves 4-6)

  • Tomme de Semancheri

    A 2 month aged cheese made from Cow milk, Tomme style cheeses are always named after the village in which they are made. Naturally then, ours is called Tomme de Semancheri. The cheeses reflects the quality of the milk, which in turn reflects the wild seasonal grasses that the cows feed on.


    1/277 Bloomy Rind

    Our 1/277 is a Bloomy Rind cheese that relies on the presence of 2 molds which cause the surface of the cheese to develop a natural white soft fluffy rind. As the cheese ages, the lactic acid breaks down and the inside becomes gooey. This cheese is rich, creamy & earthy like mushrooms can be.


    Queso Coromandel

    Inspired by the Spanish Manchego-style cheese, Queso Coromandel is made with Buffalo milk & aged for 2 months. The natural rind on this cheese has a classic basket weave pattern which comes from the mould in which the wheel is made. This cheese is nutty & creamy and has a unique taste of our terroir.


    Provolone Cheese Spread (original & garlic confit)

    A 6 month aged cheese made from a mix of cow & buffalo milk. This cheese has an inherent buttery sweetness that comes from the milk itself.

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