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Marinated Feta

Flavoured Labneh

Multi-grain Crackers

Sourdough Crackers

Baba Ganoush

Preserved Lime

Sun-dried Tomatoes

Snack Peppers



Cape Periwinkle (Serves 2-3)

  • Marinated Feta

    Salty, crumbly & big on flavour, Feta cheese literally screams summer, especially by the seaside. We make this cheese with Cow milk and it has a lovely creamy texture which goes well with fresh cut vegetables & fruit. Nothing quite like cubes of chilled Feta generously tossed in olive oil & fresh herbs, which is our Marinated Feta.


    Flavoured Labneh

    A yogurt based cheese of Middle Eastern origin, Labneh carries tart and tangy flavours that pair well with various herbs & spices. The 3 flavours here are:

    • green chilli, coriander & garlic
    • red chilli flakes & oregano
    • black pepper
  • Something

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