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String Cheese Braids

Young Jack

Provolone Cheese Spread (Plain)

Bread Sticks

Chocolate Hazelnut Spread

Cherry Tomatoes



Elephant Ears (Kids Box)

  • String Cheese Braids:

    Think of a cheese similar to Mozzarella, but one that is cooked, stretched & folded even more, to allow for protein build up. This results in a length of cheese that can be torn apart into strings. These strings are braided or twisted into knots and you can have fun pulling them apart at the table.


    Young Jack

    As the name suggests, this is a young, semi-hard, mildly flavoured creamy cheese that could well be an all-rounder in its usage. This is a great cheese to start with in your experience of farmstead, artisanal cheese.


    Provolone Cheese Spread (Original)

    A 6 month aged cheese made from a mix of cow & buffalo milk. This cheese has an inherent buttery sweetness that comes from the milk itself.

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